Nut (2021)
Fie Schouten (contra)bass clarinet, Jelte Althuis bass clarinet
Eva van de Poll violoncello, Tatiana Koleva vibraphone
Bart de Vrees percussion, Marko Kassl accordion
music by Evan Ziporyn, Ruud Roelofsen, Gérard Grisey, Enric Raxach, Hanna Kulenty
Label: Trytone records [TT0559-088]


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1) *Connect4 (2020) – Evan Ziporyn (1959)
2 bass clarinets, violoncello, vibraphone

2) *on intimacy VI ‘mozaïek’ (2020) – Ruud Roelofsen (1985)
bass clarinet, violoncello, percussion, soundtrack

3, 4) Anubis-Nout (1983) – Gérard Grisey (1946-1998)
contrabass bass clarinet

5) Decade (1993) – Enric Raxach (1932)
bass clarinet, accordion

6) *Tap-Blow-Dance4 (2020) – Hanna Kulenty (1961)
2 bass clarinets, violoncello, vibraphone

Fie Schouten tr 1-6
Jelte Althuis tr 1, 6; Eva van de Poll tr 1, 2, 6;
Tatiana Koleva tr 1, 6; Marko Kassl tr 5; Bart de Vrees tr 2

*written for Basklarinet Festijn

10.April 2022 Decade by Enric Raxach on WEFT Community Radio for East Central Illinois

Sands-zine (Italy) Mario Bisoni, april 2022
una voce fuori dal coro….L’olandese Fie Schouten è fra i maggiori esperti di clarinetto basso (o clarone), uno strumento dal suono scuro e notturno e allo stesso tempo caldo e avvolgente.….“Nut” è uno di quei dischi che escono nettamente, sia per gli strumenti utilizzati sia per i compositori proposti, dal coro delle ovvietà, e sarebbe sufficiente questo per renderne l’acquisto caldamente raccomandato.”

freiStil (Austria) Felix #100, march 2022
composed music of high tension; Grisey… there the octaves rattle for laughter in the cellar…
If life was a wishconcert, I wish I could hear Fie Schouten improvising once.

His voice (Czechia) Jan Hocek march 22
“Goddess of the bass clarinet Fie Schouten”   “This is at times brunatic, energetic music with dynamic transformations, minimalistically constructed. In the same line-up, they then wonderfully play the nearly twelve-minute masterpiece Tap-Blow-Dance 4, which closes the album. The dance repetitive reprise was composed by Polish composer Hanna Kulenty (1961). Her interest in jazz and expressionism is also reflected here, with strong percussive elements, a nervous cello, an overall sonic urgency, but also a strong, moving melody.”

Kulturni Magazin UNI (Czechia) Petr Slabý march 22
..His (Roelofsen) cycle on intimacy is inspired by a sensory sensation called autonomic sensory meridian response, which is like a pleasant tingling sensation that can induce a slight euphoria. The artist also achieves this by mixing in other sounds to the bass clarinet, cello and percussion, which he mixes from whispers or “crackles” on paper, for example. The result is indeed extremely emotional. The subtitle of the sixth movement , mosaicsʻ corresponds to the structured nature of the piece, which is, however, very compact in its essence….. A CD full of strong compositions with a great and sensitive interpretation….

Bruno Allain: Procurez-vous le CD. Ecoutez l’interprétation de Fie. Elle est fine, exigeante, emportée. blog

recording, mix, master Arjan van Asselt
recorded in May, June, July 2021
Orgelpark Amsterdam, Oude Kerk Charlois Rotterdam, Fluxus Zaandam, The Netherlands
frontimage Bruno Allain
texts booklet Simon Burgers
artwork Liluc Design
idea & realisation Fie Schouten
Kindly supported by Sena