Of Villages and Spaces

Of villages and Spaces (2005)
Fie Schouten (bass) clarinet – Karina Erhard flutes (Kaida)
Karnatic Lab Records (KLR006)

1-3. Border Towns of Central Europe (2004)* – Joe Cutler
flutes, (bass) clarinet
4. Es war einmal… (1985) – Gualtiero Dazzi
flute, bass clarinet
5. All’Aure in Una Lontananza (1977) Salvatore Sciarrino
flute solo
6. Press Release (1991) – David Lang
bass clarinet solo
7. Veeg (2004)* Jorrit Dijkstra
alto flute, bass clarinet, electronics
8. Lusuolo (1985) – Ernesto Molinari & Philippe Racine
flute, bass clarinet
*composed for Fie Schouten & Karina Erhard

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