Kaida: Fie Schouten (bass)clarinet & Karina Erhard flutes
we were active during a period of 7 years and worked as a duo and with pianists and a lot of composers. More information about Kaida : scroll down.

DUO CD ‘Of Villages and Spaces’ 2005
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Karina Erhard and Fie Schouten have taken Holland’s new music scene by storm over the last several years with their group, KAIDA. This debut shows why they’ve been winning prizes throughout Europe, whether playing in small city clubs, at the Darmstadt music festival or in the Concertgebouw. Between the funky grooves from David Lang and the ambient sounds of Salvatore Sciarrino, the music here is haunting, wild, and beautiful, and always impeccably played.

Gift of the Gab (2004) – Marco Beck
Duo + live electronics, 9min

Mutationen (2003) – Stevko Busch
Trio + soundtrack, 12min
Kaida + Stevko Busch, piano

Bezonken (2004) – Stevko Busch
Trio + soundtrack, 12min
Kaida + Stevko Busch, piano

The Recurring nightmare of Kubla Kahn (2004) – Dominy Clements
Duo + accordeon, 10min

Border Towns of Central Europe (2004) – Joe Cutler
Duo, 8min

Veeg (2004) – Jorrit Dijkstra
Duo + soundtrack, 7min

Struisvogelmuziek (2005) – Christiaan de Jong

Karina Erhard – Nora Mulder – Fie Schouten



Mensole salvaspazio (2005) – Andrea Fontemaggi
Trio, 12min
Kaida + Nora Mulder, piano

Vertige fixe (2004) – Nicolas Gilbert
Duo, 5min

Urban Turban (2003) – Ned McGowan
Trio, 8min
Kaida + Nora Mulder, piano

Digit#1b (2004) – Mayke Nas
3 pairs of hands, 4min

Double Palindrome (2003) – Seung-Ah Oh
Trio, 13min -> listen
Kaida + Nora Mulder, piano

Rainbow 3 (2003) – Hanna Kulenty
Trio, 12min
Kaida + Nora Mulder, piano

Sleep, sleep, gypsy (2003) – Vanessa Lann
Trio + microphone, amp, 12min
Kaida + Nora Mulder, piano

Bogus bogey (2005) – Tobias Klein
Trio, 7min
Kaida + Nora Mulder, piano

The Pillar (2003) – Filippo Perocco
Trio 9 min
Kaida + Nora Mulder, piano

Suite muziekweek




Trio (2002) – Calliope Tsoupaki
Trio 15min
Kaida + Sonsoles Alonso, piano

In 2000 the Karina Erhard together with Fie Schouten founded Kaida. During 7 years they worked intesively and played many concerts.
One of their main goals was to explore the connection between contemporary written and improvised music. Their refreshing approach to music and high level of playing are convincing: In 2003 KAIDA was awarded the special prize for improvisation at the ‘International Gaudeamus Competition’ as well as the special prize ‘Buffet-Crampon’ during the ‘International Chamber-music Competition Illzach’ (France). In 2001 the ensemble received the the ‘Stichting Tera de Marez Oyens Fonds’ prize.

Apart from playing regular concerts, the ensemble performed at various large festivals in the Netherlands and abroad, including the International Gaudeamus Musicweek 2002 NL, Festival Spazio Musica Cagliari and Festival Nuovi Spazi Musicali Roma (Italy), Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt (Germany), the Ciclo de Musica Contemporanea at Tenerife and Bassclarinetfestival of Catalunia (Spain), the festival Music Accord in Illzach (France).
Many pieces were written for KAIDA; are you interested?
If you would like to perform one of the pieces, email me, I could bring you into contact with the composer.
Kaida is an Indian word meaning ‘improvisation on a basic rhythmic pattern’ and the title of the first piece we played: Kaida (1990) by Jan Rokus van Roosendael (recorded by Het Trio)