From 2008 to 2018 Fie Schouten performed many works by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

She played the solistic part (clarinet/bassethorn) as one of the ‘Clownesque Swallows’ in
MICHAELS REISE um die Erde (DONNERSTAG aus LICHT) many times – mostly with the German Ensemble MusikFabrik and in regie of La Fura dels Baus, but also with the Dutch ensembles ASKO-Schonberg, Insomnio and the French Ensemble Le Balcon.
Venues and festivals:
Muziekgebouw Amsterdam; Philharmonie Köln; Jugenstiltheater Wien; Warschauer Herbst Festival; Biennale Venice; Dresden; Lincoln Centre NY; St. Merri Paris; Tivoli-Vredenburg Utrecht

HARMONIEN (KLANG) at the MusikTriennale Köln 2010
LICHT-BILDER (SONNTAG aus LICHT) in the production of musikFabrik/Oper Köln in 2011
MICHAELION (MITTWOCH aus LICHT) at the London 2012 Festival with the Birmingham Opera Company and London Voices
BASSETSU TRIO (MITTWOCH aus LICHT) Festival d’Automne Paris 2013
ROTARY quintet Festival d’Automne Paris 2014