Bass clarinet miniatures

Fie Schouten is the editor and initiator of this album with 10 short soli and 1 short duo for bass clarinet.

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Recordings of all the 10 soli by Fie Schouten
+ 1 duo by Fie Schouten & Jelte Althuis

About the album

Ben Taffijn jan 2016:
Als docent basklarinet aan het Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen had Fie Schouten behoefte aan goede solo stukken, op een niet al te complex niveau, voor basklarinet…
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Michael Lowenstern
oct 2015:
Fie Schouten has curated and assembled a terrific collection of intermediate- to advanced-level solo works in her her “Miniatures for Bass Clarinet”
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Gregory Barrett
in The Clarinet sept 2016:
Excellent materials devoted to bass clarinet performance”
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Why this album?
“My idea was to create an album for advanced amateur bass clarinettists and bass clarinet students.
I was missing an introduction to the contemporary repertoire which includes highly complex and/or long pieces. The step from practicing clarinet- or cello etudes to this repertoire is huge! I wished for myself and my collegues to have an album with an educational aspect with short compositions, which are challenging to practice and also interesting to perform in a concert by amateurs and (young) professionals.

Hopefully this album is a good introduction to a new intriguing world, or a good extra ingredient for a concert program.

Most of the composers I asked to write for this album wrote more compositions for bass clarinet, so you could check that out and play more of them if you like!”

Thanks to Fonds Podiumkunsten, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Donemus, the composers, Arjan van Asselt, Splendor

All pieces are written for and premiered by Fie Schouten