VOSTOK Remote Islands


Fie Schouten bass clarinet | clarinet in A | bassethorn
Vincent Courtois violoncello
Guus Janssen piano | organ | harmonium | harpsichord
featuring Giuseppe Doronzo baritonsaxophone (tr 6-9)
The music is all improvised
label Relative Pitch Records [RPR 1179]

available online from 24 november 2023
available at the concert 22 november 2023, Bimhuis Amsterdam tickets
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The music is improvised and inspired by the book of Judith Schalansky. The music is an echo of her writing, of inspiration by islands, entities with different and changing caracteristics.Judith Schalansky: “Altas of Remote Islands, 50 islands I never set foot on and never will”

Original: “Altas der abgelegenen Inseln” (2009, Mare Verlag)

“The echoes of Judith Schalansky‚Äôs writing are innumerable…. overlooked maps, forbidden manuscripts, anonymous reports, medieval codices, letters of hope and despair. It depends on each reader, on the way we allow ourselves to be nourished by books that are run through by accuracy, multiplicity and consistency… Her writing explores ancestral labyrinths and forking paths, and oscillates between the sublime and the sinister, but breaks away from dualistic mirages.” (Juan Insua, 8.3.2022)

1 Tristan da Cunha (Atlantic Ocean) 3’59
2 Diego Garcia (Indian Ocean) 3’00
3 Rapa Iti I (Pacific Ocean) 1’53
4 Howland (Pacific Ocean) 1’49
5 Cocos Islands (Indian Ocean) 3’10
6 Raoul Island (Pacific Ocean) 11’58
7 Vostok (Pacific Ocean) 7’16
8 Pukapuka (Pacific Ocean) 6’12
9 Solitude Island (Arctic Ocean) 4’43
10 Socorro (Pacific Ocean) 6’41
11 Rapa Iti II (Pacific Ocean) 3’06
12 Inaccessible Island Rail (bird) 2’09

total: 55’56

all compositions by Fie Schouten, Vincent Courtois, Guus Janssen, Giuseppe Doronzo
recorded at Orgelpark, Amsterdam on 24 March 2023
recording, mix, master Arjan van Asselt
cover artwork Henning Bolte (live-drawing), design Ivana Djukic
design digipack Relative Pitch Records