study bass clarinet/contemporary clarinet

Fie Schouten – professor bass clarinet, contemporary clarinet
at the Prins Claus Conservatoire in Groningen

You can do:
• Bachelor – info
• Pre Master (1 year) – info
• Master Degree (Performance or NAIP) – info
• Secondary subject (for clarinet or saxophone students)
• Erasmus exchange (1 or 2 semesters)  – info
I teach students from the Classical and Jazz Department; If you do not own a bass clarinet, there are two instruments available for students.

Schouten gave masterclasses at:
Low Clarinet Festival (International Clarinet Association), USA (2022)
Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance, Israël (2019)
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Tallinn, Estonia (2018)
Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien, Austria (2017)
Chicago academy of the Arts, USA (2016)
Codarts Rotterdam, NL (2015-2016)
Peru, El Clarinete en Latinoamerica (2012)

Recommendation by Harry Sparnaay (1944-2017):
Often people ask me if i’m still teaching. No, but don’t worry: there are some fantastic possiblities to study the bass clarinet.
When you want to go to Holland: there is Fie Schouten teaching at the Prins Claus Conservatoire. She is a great player, open minded, always forward-looking, one of my former students i’m very proud of.”

Some activities initiated by Fie Schouten and different colleagues, together with students:

6 april 2024, 15u Beetsterzwaag, Cultbee info
10 mei 2024, 12:30 Tivoli-Vredenburg Utrecht info
12 mei 2024, 15u Podium Zuidhaege Assen
Fie Schouten + Femke IJlstra (sax) & studenten van Prins Claus Conservatorium
Calliope Tsoupaki – Black Moon (2012)
Fie Schouten basklarinet, Michiel Nonhebel bas
Ton de Leeuw – Apparences II (1978)
Fie Schouten, Stephanie Tan, Eugene Lai klarinet, Chris Watt basklarinet

7.11.23 European Clarinet Congress, Fontys Tilburg 
Bass clarinets of Prince Claus Conservatoire
Fie Schouten, Femke van den Bergh, Amy Zuidema, Chris Watt
Buste by Paul Termos, Four to the floor by Anna Meredith, Trotzig by Petra Stump-Linshalm, Creep of Radiohead arr. by Cornelius Boots

12 nov 2023 Eenrum tickets
concert met docenten & studenten Prins Claus Conservatorium
Zinderend Laag bastrombones & basklarinetten

soundsofmusic festival 2023
31 oct Grand Theatre Groningen
Georges Aperghis – Mouvement pour quintette
Studentensemble Prins Claus Conservatorium:
Beatriz Bertalotto, violin, Julia Baas viola, Nina Delzescaux cello, Geert Omta piano, Stephanie Tan clarinet (cond by Fie Schouten)
Lightdesign by students of Minerva Academy
Manon Dessainte, Eva Hoogenberg, Finn Hoppen, Maria Oost, Kai Phan (and their teacher André Pronk)

1 nov Oosterpoort Groningen tickets Georges Aperghis – Mouvement pour quintette Beatriz Bertalotto, violin, Julia Baas viola, Nina Delzescaux cello, Geert Omta piano, Stephanie Tan clarinet (cond by Fie Schouten)

Masterclass by Carl Rosman 30.11.23

1 okt 2023 concert Woodwinds PCC in Oosterpoort Groningen
with music by Paul Termos (Buste), Radiohead/Cornelius Boots (Creep) and much more

21 nov 2022 – Evan Ziporyn at Prince Claus Conservatoire
working on his clarinet4tet Hive and groupimprovisation

12, 13 nov 2022 Beeststerzwaag & Assen
Hive by Evan Ziporyn

rehearsing Coliseum by Pierre Jodlowski (F); working with the composer and performance soundsofmusic festival 3 nov 2022
Carla Costeira sopraansaxofoon, Femke van den Bergh (bas)klarinet, Maria Navarro fluit, Nerea Gimeno Pelaez viool, Laura de Armas Fernandez cello, Bea Galán piano, Albert González Garcia percussie, Patricia Swart live electronics

sept.22 preparations concerts with woodwindclass

26.4.22 Prince Claus Conservatoire Groningen
Masterclass with guestteachers Guus Janssen and Jelte Althuis

17.11.21 19:00 Prince Claus Conservatoire Groningen
20.11.21 15:00 Church Beetsterzwaag
Concerts by the woodwindclass; students & teachers
In the picture: performing Watching Ali! by Claudio Puntin, Digit #2 by Mayke Nas

soundsofmusic festival 2021
Performance by students Concerto no.9 van Maxim Shalygin
2.11.21 16:00 Grand Theatre Groningen
3.11.21 12:00  Oosterpoort Groningen

soundsofmusic festival 2020
Fie Schouten worked with students of PCC on Stirrings Still of Rebecca Saunders, performance in Grand Theatre 3.nov.2020

soundsofmusic festival 2019
composer/musician Anna Meredith (UK) @PCC Groningen
Fie Schouten & students worked with the composer and performed her music
Origami Songs for ensemble > listen to our performance
Four to the Floor for 4 bass clarinets

may 2019, guest @ Jerusalem Academy for Music & Dance

febr 2019 guests from Tallinn in Groningen

soundsofmusic festival 2018 – Masterclass & concert with composer Clara Ianotta (D/I), works Limun and Al di là del bianco in Prins Claus Conservatoire & Grand Theatre Groningen

2018 guest at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Tallinn, after working on Tierkreis by Stockhausen

soundsofmusic festival 2017 in Groningen, masterclass with Julia Wolfe (USA) & performance of her piece Believing

2017 (as a guestteacher at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna) > listen to the concert of 19.may.2017

Workshop about reparing your clarinet given by Karsten Gloger


Ensemble cond. Fie Schouten, Oosterpoort march 2017
Interface – Calliope Tsoupaki

soundsofmusic festival Groningen 2016
Masterclass with Helmut Oehring (D) & performance of his piece Angelus Novus

Festival OnWings 2016 Groningen, Fie Schouten & students
Masterclass with Jacob ter Veldhuis & performance of his piece Drahtgeflecht

2016, Oosterpoort Groningen, Fie Schouten & students

Basklarinet Festijn 2016 – performance with 2 students at Gaudeamus Utrecht & guestprofessors/artists at Prince Claus Conservatoire Petra Stump-Linshalm and Heinz-Peter Linshalm (Austria)

soundsofmusic festival 2015
Masterclass with Theo Loevendie & performance of his piece Bons @Prince Claus Conservatoire, Grand Theatre

2015, woodwindday – Fie Schouten & students