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“Great sound, such richness and flexibility. The quality is very alive and free.
She proves how pleasant contemporary music can be.’

New CD Nature release 3 nov 2020
Music by Tsoupaki, Messiaen, Harvey, Saariaho, Aperghis
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29/11/20 15:30 & 17:30 Galerie Marzee Nijmegen
Fie Schouten, Jelte Althuis (basklarinet), Tatiana Koleva (percussie), Eva van de Poll (cello)
Tap-blow-dance4 (2020) – Hanna Kulenty (kwartet)
Oi Kuu (1990) – Kaija Saariaho (bkl, vlc)
Façade-Trio (1998) – Georges Aperghis (trio)
Leichte Überlappungen (2018) – Tobias Klein (bkl duo)
Connect Four (2020) – Evan Ziporyn (kwartet)

BF 10/12/20 tickets:  19:30-20:15 & 21:00-21:45, Gaudeamus, KuuB, Utrecht
Fie Schouten, Naama Reuven (basklarinet), Bart de Vrees (percussie), Eva van de Poll (cello)

BF 18/12/20 Pletterij Haarlem tickets (live of live-stream):  19:30-20:30 | 20:45-21:45
Fie Schouten, Jelte Althuis, Evan Ziporyn* (basklarinet), Tatiana Koleva (percussie), Eva van de Poll (cello)

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