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‘Kunst kann nicht modern sein; Kunst is urewig’  E. Schiele, 1922

“Great sound, such richness and flexibility. The quality is very alive and free.
She proves how pleasant contemporary music can be.’

CD Monologues 2020 (april 2021)
Music by Guus Janssen, Lotta Wennäkoski, Enno Poppe, Isang Yun, Ton de Leeuw
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CD Nature (2020)
Music by Tsoupaki, Messiaen, Harvey, Saariaho, Aperghis
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From 31 jan 2021 15:00 online, project of:
Fie Schouten (bass clarinet, bassethorn), Manuela Tessi (dance), Huib Ramaer (musicologist), Guus Janssen (piano, composition), Aspasia Nasoupoulou (composition), Melanja Palitta (film) LINK TO THE VIDEO

pict Melanja Palitta

-> 4th Basklarinet Festijn, updates, CD’s Nature, 37FERN

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