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      “Great sound, such richness and flexibility. The quality is very alive and free.
She proves how pleasant contemporary music can be.’

6 sept 2019 Fie Schouten received 1st Nieuw Geneco (composers association) Fair Practice Compositioncommission Award for her impact on the musicscene in the Netherlands, an inspiration for many and with attention for Fair Practice.


Sounds of Music & Rockit Festival Groningen
music by Anna Meredith
lunchconcert | avondconcert
avondconcert ,9nov middagconcert

1 dec ’19 Kleine Zaal Muziekgebouw Amsterdam
Klarinet4tet van Sander Germanus (concertserie Stichting Huygens-Fokker)

15 dec ’19 16:00 Rotterdam, Projectruimte Attent
bcl solo – Walk the Dog by Evan Ziporyn video

Lezingen met live muziek ‘Muziek & Natuur’in Muziekpakhuis Amsterdam
3 zondagochtenden van 11.00 tot 13.00 uur: 2,9,16 febr’20

study bass clarinet with Fie Schouten info